Work  Experience

Tweefontein Game Farm and Lodge:
Position:-                Personal Assistant      
Duties:-                   Day to Day Management of Guesthouse and Chalets                               
                                  Local and Overseas Guests
                                  Supervision of Employees
                                  Organising/catering of functions and conferences
                                  Office Management and Administration
                                  Marketing:-  Locally and Internet
                                  Designing of marketing related materials:-
                                  Brochures, advertisements, business cards
                                  Editor of Monthly Newsletter

Martin's Funerals:
                                  Supervision of Employees
                                  Daily Reports
                                  Funeral Policies, 
Clientbase and Claims, Marketing  
                                  Designing of stationery, advertisements and
  marketing related  materials

Die Volksblad - regional newspaper for the Free State South Africa
Freelance correspondent and photographer

Chromy Corner Photo and Art Studio:

Position:-                 Manageress/Graphic Designer/Photographer
Duties:-                    Day to Day Management of Studio                              
                                   Typing of various documents:-e.g.
                                   CV's, management proposals, letters, funeral programmes
                                   Designing of brochures, advertisements,  certificates
                                   invitation cards, business and membership cards,
                                   logos and letterheads
   Potraits, wedding andphotos                                                     
                                   ID and passport photos, editing of photos,
                                   manipulation, collages,
                                   Printing, laminating and bookbinding services

 Phakisa Computers and Copy Shop:                         
Manageress/Graphic Designer/Photographer
                    Day to day Management, Sales Assistant, Stocktaking and Orders                              
                                  Typing of various documents, CV's, letters, booklets, programmes                              
                                  All graphic designs and photo editing                              
                                  Laminating and bookbinding                             
                                  Internet services:- E-mails, research for businesses and students                              
                                  Fax and copy

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