Instant Recognition

I can still remember the day in 1999 when the computer training instructor told me to switch on the computer.

The moment my finger connected to the button, I was amazed that the other students in the class could not see the current that ran from the button through my finger and exploded in my brain.

At that moment I knew that a link was forged between computers and the rest of my life.The training course set me on a new road of discovery and creativity and throughout the years I have taught myself many of the things that I can do on a computer today.

I take pride in the skills I have developed and the experiences I have gained through typing and designing materials for various companies since 2000.

The technology associated with computers and being able to reach people in other countries with the touch of a key, never stops to amaze me.

Services include but are not limited to...




                            Computer Training:  -
                            Compu Square Training
                                        Sasolburg - South Africa

                            Introduction to Computers
                            Introduction to Windows 95
                                     Microsoft Office 97:-            
                            Microsoft Word -
                            Beginners and Advanced
                            Microsoft Excel  -
                            Beginners and Advanced
                            Microsoft Powerpoint
                            Microsoft Outlook

          Graphic Programs: -

                            Adobe Photoshop
                            Corel Draw
                                  and various others

Work  Experience...

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