To sit down on a chair in front of a computer or laptop is one of those things a virtual assistant does automatically and although it may seem a pretty safe thing to do, if you are not sitting comfortably you can compromise your health.

Have you ever calculated how many hours you sit in front of your computer every day?  Statistics show that the average person spends approximately six to seven hours in front of the computer.

The average person, yes... a virtual assistant... no! A virtual assistant spends approximately ten to twelve hours in front of the computer, it can be less, most times it is more.

 More and more virtual assistants suffer from wrist, back and eye problems or headaches, which can be avoided my making sure you are comfortable when you are working.

Here are 5 easy ways to ensure that you can do your work and still retain your health:

1.     Maintian good posture
Your three natural curves - the neck, lower and upper back - should always be aligned.

2.   Support your lower back
Your feet should be flat on the floor and if need be, use a cushion to support your lower back.

3.   Adjust the height of your chair
 Your arms should be at desk level and you should be able to shift your weight forward off your spine. Remember to change your position throughout the day and make sure your spine stays aligned.

4.   Keep your hand and wrists straight
If your chair is at the correct height then your desk should also be at a comfortable height. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. Touch the keys lightly to avoid repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. Position the mouse as close to you as possible, do not grip it. Stretch your hands and wrists often during the day to release tension.

5.   Blink your eyes often
Long hours in front of a computer place considerable strain on a virtual assistant's eyes.  You can reduce the reflection and glare from the screen by blinking your eyes often to keep them moist.  A plant or desk calendar next to your computer screen will also help to give your eyes a rest if you look at it on and off during working hours.

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12/15/2008 01:40

Thanks for this information. Heard some of it before, but tend to forget al the important details. Glad that I'm reminded of it.


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