Making the change from offering my services to the people in my hometown to offering my services on the internet and thus reaching a whole new client base, was a daunting process.

When you have spend 10 years typing all kinds of documents from letters to more complex business proposals, church programs with graphics, designing certificates for creches to high school diplomas, changing backgrounds on photos and transporting the people in a photo from their back porch to exotic island destinations, you pick up a lot of experience without actually realising it.

In a small town most everybody knows each other and your skills and competence are passed on by word of mouth. By offering your services on the internet you deal with clients who have no idea what you can do, how professional and competent you are when they commission you to do work for them.

The one most important thing you should realise when branching out and offering your services to a global market is to believe in yourself and in your abilities. Clients are quick to pick up your uncertainties and if you present yourself in a bad light, they will not make use of your services.

Believe in  yourself and in the things you can do and present a professional image to your clients whether you are talking to them on the phone, by e-mail or fax. The client needs to get the impression that you are in charge of the situation and can deliver what he expects from a professional typist/designer.

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